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And it begins. Or, I guess, it ends. [Oct. 8th, 2008|01:25 pm]
27 pounds shed and at least one chin. Old clothes are fitting... but current ones are too... so that's weird.

I quit my job last night. I've been on this four month contract for over a year and a half. I guess it's time... right? If they won't hire me, well... then I have to find someone who will. I got a really good job that I'm apparently extremely lucky to get. I don't have the qualifications; I certainly don't have the experience... I'm not money hungry and I'm not terribly competitive... But for some reason they decided to take a chance on me. I'm not sure if I'm excited. I'm not actually sure what I'm feeling right now... except for immense sadness... and like I've been let down or fired or cheated or something else equally as tragic.

Really all I want to do right now is lie on my hammock and stare at the changing leaves and listen to Matt Morris and Joan Osborne and just cry for no reason at all. But the dogs will start eating sticks and wrestling with each other and become annoying...And Kona will inevitably start rolling in her own poo. So that isn't an option. My night would just get worse.

At least my house is clean... I don't think I could bear to be this depressed and be forced to stare at a disgusting house... And mom is coming over tonight to watch Project Runway. Maybe that will make me a little happier.

I just... You'd think that... I've been here for way longer than my contract called for. They obviously like me... yet no one except my close friends has said anything. My boss is being really sweet to me today... but he's clueless about most things. And the Recruiting company... They apparently could just care less. I guess that's what is bothering me. I just want someone to care. And counteroffer.
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(no subject) [Sep. 8th, 2008|12:06 pm]
I spend far too much time alone. And I've decided that this needs to change. So I've joined RCS again this year, joined the Baptist choir because the director uses me for lots of solo work which I really appreciate... I'm reading for the Virginia Voice, (Which, if you ever feel like listening to me on the radio, go to www.VirginiaVoice.org and listen to Community News. It isn't always me reading that, but it will be until Thursday at 7:30 this week.) I start my classical guitar lessons tomorrow which I'm REALLY thrilled about. Even tho they tell me it will be really hard with a steel string guitar... but oh well. I'm willing to work. I'm also thinking about taking another acting class in October. But I'm not so sure about that one...

Lauren and I are happy now that the house is in order. We're also very spoiled... having hired someone to cut the grass and tend to the little gardens in the front... and planning on having someone come in monthly to do the floors and dusting and such. But I'm not saying that I don't clean... It's just nice to not have to worry about dusting or making the wood floors shine.

It's almost fall... I'm almost excited... Once the leaves start changing and the temperature starts dropping I know it will only get better. Haunted Hayrides and Busch Garden's Halloscream and the smell of apples and leaves and cold... I can't wait. Also, I've decided I'm going to be Ursula (from the Little Mermaid) for halloween. Mostly because the tentacle skirt will be fun to make and because I found this killer black corset online and needed an excuse to get it. I'm very excited... needless to say.

If anyone is going to be near Richmond on the 20th of this month... We're having a house warming party...
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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2008|12:30 pm]
I sat on my front porch yesterday... Opened the house up because it was windy and the humidty had disappeared for a while... Watched the cars drive past, waved to my new neighbor... It was perfect. The movers take everything over on Saturday morning and hopefully, by Saturday afternoon, Lauren and I will be done with apartment living.

We took the pups over on Sunday and let them roll around in the grass. Needless to say, they were the happiest puppies ever. So as long as I can get everything packed up in the next four days... it'll all be okay. Lauren is at work every night until about midnight... so really, it's up to me the pack the house.

Yeah. Awesome.

But once it's over it will be amazing. I'll post pictures on my Myspace when we're actually settled.

The new car is absolutely awesome as well. Now I just need to sell my old one and I'll be in business. And it's a no go on the Philly move... Oh well.
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Spare change [Aug. 4th, 2008|04:24 pm]
The potential for sexual harassment suits is amazingly strong in this office. Not that I really care, unless someone gets touchy or corners me in a bathroom... But I wore a sweater that ties right under my boobs today and one of my IT guys said I looked like I had "boobie hammocks"... And a while ago I was kneeling on the floor while filing and Denis actually said "Oh, on your knees? It's where any good woman should be"


I think it's pretty funny, mostly because I know there's no harm behind it... And because, well, I know my boobs are pretty much my defining factor. Hell, more people know me as “Sugar Tits” than my real name. So whatever.

We get the keys to our house on Saturday and we only have two boxes packed. The movers will be here on the 15th…. And we’re apparently not too concerned. I think we’re both just so relieved to be going to a beautiful house with a back yard and a puppy free upstairs, we don’t really care what happens between now and then.

The new car comes tomorrow, even though it was supposed to be here on Friday… And even though it’s way late, I still owe 1400 dollars to the carrier. So after that, the 350 bucks I paid to register it, the rent for both the apartment and the house, the car payment, college loan payment and my credit cards… I’m out about 3500 bucks this month. I nearly cried the other night when I saw my bank account plummet. So hooray for savings accounts and the hopeful sale of my Saturn.

And I guess when one thing changes everything else has to follow suit… I’m up for a job with a recruiting company to be an IT recruiter. I’m sort of really hoping I get it… The only thing, I’d have to move to Philadelphia after about eight months of training. Surprisingly, I’m not opposed to that. But I don’t think Lauren would come with me… Well, not until the last minute when it finally kicked in that I’d actually be leaving. But it isn’t a real possibility yet. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.
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Some good news... [Jul. 25th, 2008|03:54 pm]
So I just found out that I passed my audition for Virginia Voice. I am doing my first reading on the radio tonight. No idea what I'll be reading... but dude, I'm going to be on the radio reading for the blind. Sweet....
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Question [Jun. 24th, 2008|08:41 pm]
So I'm getting a new car. Actually, I'm buying my Opa's car since my grandmother has become too old to keep driving. It's a navy blue PT Cruiser. Oh, and it's a woodie. Ha...

So my question is this. Since Virginia has a shitton of personalized plates, I don't know which one to go with... If you have suggestions, lemmee know.

1- Ist Mein
2- Mai Car
3- Would I (supposed to look like woodie... but I kinda think that's dumb)
4- mai wood
5- Pnkrino (Pinkerino was my dad's nickname for me when I was little and I've kinda always wanted that on my plates...)
6- Eye R8 (hahaha... Irate kinda explains my driving technique)

Those are kinda stupid... so leave me some ideas.
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Adventures in Runaway Bay [Jun. 11th, 2008|02:25 pm]
[mood |calmYah mon...]

It’s 101 degrees in Richmond with 85% humidity. Suffice it to say. It’s hell outside.

Jamaica, however, didn't have humidity and it didn't go above 85 degrees the entire week. It was sunny and beautiful. It smelled like… Sand and salt, limes, Patchouli, all mixed together with the sweet aroma of ganja. We laid out on the beach every morning, snorkeled and kayaked, drank pina coladas in with Appleton rum, made friends with a few Rastafari, and sampled the pure awesomeness that is Jamaican White Widow…. Needless to say. I think I burned half of my brain cells last week. We visited the Bob Marley Museum and met his cousin who sold us coconut water straight from the tree. We climbed the waterfall at Dunn’s River and nobody died or lost any limbs. I got severely hustled at Ocho Rios and ended up going home with a three and a half foot tall wooden giraffe. I had the best jerk chicken in the world. And I even tried the curry goat.

We went on this “special” tour in Nine Mile before the Marley Museum where we met up with Jet-Lee, our tour guide’s rasta friend. We went up and saw the acai trees and the avocado trees and the blue mountain coffee beans… And then we saw his field. The bushes were taller than me… He showed us the different strains, blueberry, ruby red, the white hairs and the yellow and the orange. It was so strange to be standing in the middle of a very illegal marijuana field with three of my friends and a little Rastafarian wearing an Abercrombie polo.

Jamaica was certainly a different world. Next time I want to stay at Club Ambiance for a week and then spend a week in Negril to see the world famous sunsets and the seven mile white sand beach. I think last week was the first time I’ve really sat back and relaxed… Completely slowed myself down and let everything just wash away in the crystal water. It was certainly a trip that I desperately needed.

Since I can’t ever figure out how to make a cut for pictures on here I’ll trust that you can all find your way to my Myspace to check them out. They are certainly worth the trip.
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(no subject) [May. 23rd, 2008|10:41 am]
Two days ago I signed a lease for my first house... We're moving in the middle of August. It is the most... amazing feeling... We're leaving apartment life to have our own backyard, our own black mailbox, a driveway and an upstairs and a place for guests to stay. It's still very surreal that I'm moving out of my Museum District and in to a little neighborhood across the river... but it will be amazing.

We leave next Friday for my second trip out of the country. So if anybody would like something from Jamaica let me know. And no, I'm not shipping anyone any pot...
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Ctrl+Alt+Del [Apr. 22nd, 2008|12:12 pm]
I think I've somehow landed in my future career... Which is weird. Because I didn't intend to end up here nor did I give myself permission. I’ve somehow become an Applications Analyst/ Technical Writer for James River… Which sounds really awesome on my resume. And it turns out I’m really good at rewriting, editing, formatting and fixing.. And since that’s pretty much my job description… I really like where I am. I also checked the usual base income for Tech Writers… and I’m pleased to see that it’s very VERY nice. I just don’t think I intended to end up behind computer screens on a daily basis…

But I am acting and singing again, so that hasn’t gone to waste. It’s a nice balance. Computer crap all day and then a few hours being myself on stage.

Ugh… I hate writing in here... for multiple reasons.

So don't ask me why I am actually updating... I guess I just feel it's rather cathartic to get my thoughts out in a more tangible place. I do wish my current friends had reason to keep journals and link to mine... I guess it's just hard reading about old friend's new lives and remembering that I haven't seen them in almost three years.

Anyway, I leave for Jamaica in less than five weeks… And I think Lauren and I are spending some time with Caroline and Marie in Myrtle Beach a few weeks after that. Which should be interesting having not seeing Caroline in over a year. The rest of the year looks pretty awesome as long as it goes the way we’ve planned it…
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Wait, they don't love you like I love you [Mar. 14th, 2008|03:21 pm]
I’ve suddenly become busy. And semi proactive… Which is really awesome.

I’ve been prepping myself for my future because I think I’ve finally decided that I need to be something other than a Forms Analyst. So I’ve started yoga classes twice a week. And I walk a little over three miles every day on my lunch break. I got accepted in to an eight week theatre workshop at an Equity theater and I’ve starting my voice lessons again. My audition is in a year and I have a lot of work to do before it… And I certainly don’t think it’s a sure shot… but damn if it wouldn’t change my entire life.

Also, since I’m already active and doing pretty well with that, I’ve decided to put myself on a heart healthy kick. Which has really been awesome… I feel great and I’ve dropped seven and a half pounds. This week. So. Here’s to not drinking, not clogging my pores with gross, not dying a premature death…


Lauren and I are looking for our next vacation as well. We didn’t end up going on that cruise we won last month. Just ended up not being worth it... So we’re looking in to a week somewhere. I’m voting Europe and she’s voting Tropical. Either way, it’s a week out of the country and I’m all over it. So far it’s between Amsterdam, Cabo, St. Lucia, or the Dominican Republic…

Other than that, everything is the same. I still get that weird feeling that every Spring has brought… I miss Salem, I miss the way things used to be… When everyone was together and happy and sane. It makes me sooo sad to think about the fact that everything is so different now. But. People change and so does everything else. And with my life right now, I’d really rather be right where I am then back in a dorm…
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